I was enjoyed in the dark ages, often mentioned in the Bible, cultivated by the Egyptians who turned me on to the Romans who introduced me to the Celts, and I ended up as the national vegetable of Wales. Not too shabby for an allium, but it wasn't always that easy. We still harbor dark memories, the 16th thru the 18th centuries, when the aristocracy turned up their nose at me and I had to rely on the common folk for acceptance, but let's no go there. I finally shed the label of 'poor man's asparagus', and rightfully so. I can go almost anywhere, can be used in just about anything or make a hearty dish on my own. Known as the king of soup onions I have been seen in the finest of soups, the best of sauces and the savoriest of broth. My family is large, but we all act about the same, except for the enormous elders. They're nasty, but I guess that can't be helped when your insides stiffen up like a tree. I range from 9 to 11 inches in height and I am best when I am about one inch in diameter. My behavior is not wild or rampant so my delicate sweet mild flavor imparts from my white base, which remains underground until harvest. Sublime in potatoes, pies or casseroles, I also excite when braised in cream or simmered in butter. Soups and towns are named after me, but after that 250 year snuffing, I just want to be everywhere. From babies for garnish to woodies for display, you'll enjoy using me in your daily preparations as well as a dinner for Royalty. I provide an excellent source of folic acid, a good source of iron, potassium, B6 and I make Mother Nature Proud.

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