Related to the breadfruit and the fig, I am the largest tree fruit in the world. I am native to India and Malaysia. Portuguese explorers formed my name. I can weigh as much as eighty or ninety pounds, but I am usually sold as four or five pound fruits. My greenish-yellow skin is completely covered with pointed warts and I turn yellowish-brown when ripe. With an intense fragrance, my ripe yellow or pink flesh is juicy with flavors of melon, mango, and papaya. My large seeds, in fleshy sacs called 'bulbs', are often roasted and the chestnut flavor they impart is enjoyed by many a native. My seeds can also be boiled and ground into flour. My seeds are rich in calcium and my flesh contains carotene. My flesh can be made into preserves, dried, used in fruit salads, candies, curries, or meat dishes. When unripe yet mature, I can be cooked as a vegetable, but watch out for the white, milky latex-like liquid I ooze in this stage, as it will make your hands and fingers stick together.

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