I am citrus, use my zest, I am sour at my best, and my flowers linger fragrant all night long.

Spain is where I first did pledge, but I was more than just a hedge, I knew my essential oil would make me strong. Oh yes, I survived, but I don't need to be revived, making perfume and Earl Grey tea can't be wrong.

So my thorns are thick as wood, but my oil it sure tastes good, and my green and juicy pulps' no use at all. Scrape my skin and mix me in, or you can rub me on your chin, in your face or mixing bowl you'll have a ball. And if, you're in France, the city of Nancy by chance, you'll find barley sugar with me at the mall.

Try to find me if you dare, I can't be found just anywhere, but you might be using me to wash your hair. In Calabria or Sicily, that is where you'll have a chance to see, how they use my precious oil to make candy. Here and now I can say, that I'll never go away, as long as there is eau de cologne there will be me!

1029 Produce Quiz courtesy of:
Richard Leibowitz
Culinary Specialty Produce
"We Follow Orders"

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