Judas died in my presence. Not actually mine, but my ancestors were there. Actually they were there first, doing their thing on an elder tree when all of a sudden a huge weight was seen dangling from a thick branch. They say that's how we got our name, but I'm just glad my relatives weren't shaken to the ground. I guess our short stalk paid off. When we are not fearing for our lives, our gelatinous yet firm translucent brownish beige flesh can be found growing on the trunks of beech, walnut, and of course elder trees. We are very organized about our growth and as such, we arrange ourselves in rows or tiers. My outer surface is covered with downy hairs and my inner surface is shiny, satiny soft, but wrinkled. Sometimes our looks are compared to those funky fleshy protrusions on a human head, but I think we have much more character than that. We are known for our texture and color. Our flavor is so mild it lacks distinction, but we thrive on absorbing other flavors. Popular both dried or fresh we are an excellent addition to most foods, as we only require a few minutes of heat. Excellent in soups, combined with any members of the allium family, blanched, fried, or boiled; in pastas, salads, stews or tea. We are rich in iron, potassium and magnesium. We are currently being studied for our effects on the blood and may prove helpful in controlling heart attacks and strokes.

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