I am the yellow/orange fruit of the Eriobotrya japonica evergreen tree from the orient. Because I am not confined to a tropical climate, my coming out party is the first of all spring fruits, and I am the first to depart as well. I am pear shaped and three inches long. If you judged me by my looks, I would be similar to an apricot but I impart an almond flavor when used in jams and jellies. My flesh is pale yellow and I have a mild sweet/tart flavor. I have one to three large seeds in my center. Keep me away from bruisers as they would have a field day with me. I stay very clean when kept close to home, and have a tendency to get discolored and misshapen when I travel long distances. Originating in China I am also grown in Japan, India, Central America, and the United States. I can be poached in syrup, eaten out of hand, used in chicken and duck dishes, fruit salads, dried or canned. I am an excellent source of Vitamin A and very low in calories. So lo that it is part of my name.

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