Shakespeare's Ophelia said I stood for thought, so my description ought to be a thought provoking one. I grow best in the Spring and the Fall, but I can be harvested year round. I like moist, damp soil, but can grow in dry soil. I grow in bunches and sometimes resemble a face, but sometimes I resemble a butterfly. Sometimes I have two yellow eyes, sometimes one eye, and sometimes I have no eyes. I can be a deep, deep color like root beer, or fade into a light, light color like white. I'm solid in color or can have two or three colors. I prefer the shade, but can grow in the sun. I can grow wild, or be cultivated in gardens. I'm used to garnish salads, or I am part of a salad. I've been known to decorate tables and turkeys, and sometimes I'm found in people's hair. I have very little nutritional value, but I have a sweet grassy flavor. Careful though, if you chew me too long I can have a bitter mint aftertaste. I can be eaten whole, or torn into shreds. I can leave a stain on your tongue, but don't worry I'll go away. Some claim that I have medicinal powers. I can heal skin conditions, be a diuretic, reduce fevers, cleanse toxins from your system and promote over all healing. So look for me this spring, and maybe I can spruce up your plate or favorite salad!

998 Produce Quiz courtesy of:
Richard Leibowitz
Culinary Specialty Produce
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