Red Mustard

Other names: Red Mustard

Availability: All year.

Source: United States.

Handling Tips: Keep cold, 32°F.

General Information: Dark reddish-purple leaves with a green underside. This is a strong, spicy green that adds life to salads. Can be enjoyed fresh or braised.

Although native to most regions in the world, it is believed that the wild mustard was brought to California by Franciscan Father Serra, planting it as a golden pathway to find his way back home to Spain after his explorations here.

Wild mustard's formal name is Brissica rapa, a member of the large and illustrious Cruciferae family which includes cabbages, broccoli, and turnips. It also includes the mustard varieties that are grown for their tasty leaves, not their seeds. Giant red mustard and Osaka purple are two popular varieties of salad mustard. The giant red is easy to grow and its tender young leaves give sandwiches a double treat -- crisp greens and a tangy Dijon mustard taste.

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