Tat Soi

Other names: Spoon cabbage, tatsoi, flat cabbage, tai go choi, rosette pak choy, rosette bok choy, Chinese cabbage

Availability: All year.

Source: United States.

Handling Tips: 32°F. Mist lightly.

General Information: Tat soi has a dark green, spoon-shaped leaf with a light green to white stalk that form into shiny rosette-like shapes. Providing a mild mustard or cabbage flavor similar to bok choy, tat soi can be served as a complement to salads, chicken, or fish. Tat Soi is generally eaten raw, but can also be cooked. Mix with other lettuces to enhance the appearance, flavor, and nutritional value of salad. Place it whole under foods grilled or baked foods or combine it with other greens to enhance the flavors. It can also be chopped into small pieces and served in oils that are to be used for dipping or for complementing sauces.

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