Pomegranate Seeds

General Information: Seeds are the treasure that hide within the protective red shell of the fall beauty, the pomegranate. These delicate red jewels are edible, nutritious and delicious. The juice and pulp surround the seed and are an autumnal treat, full of vitamin C, antioxidants. Pomegranate means 'apple with many seeds' because of the fruit's shape, pomme is apple and granate is seeds. Usually the work required to get these seeds keeps most diners from eating with gusto, but we have solved this problem! Packed in 5.3 ounce retail sized clamshells, these healthy gems can be eaten right out of the container or used for a number of culinary applications. Each clamshell contains the contents of approximately one pomegranate.

Seeds can be refrigerated for up to ten days. If not used, the seeds can be frozen for up to six months and be juiced when thawed.

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