Kumato ™ Tomato

Source: Belgium

Handling Tips: 55° F.

General Information: Never before has a tomato held so much hidden value. Kumato™, taste takes colour. Surprising and exciting. Sweeter, juicier and full of flavour. Kumato™ is unique in appearance and exquisite on the palate. You'll know that you have discovered something special when you try this mouth-watering, unforgettable fruit. This juicy tomato brand has an attractive special color, an intense aroma and surprisingly sweet taste. Some shoppers in Italy, Spain and the UK have already been able to try the new tomato and agreed wholeheartedly that it really stands out.

Unique to the consumer:
� Sweet taste, juiciness and aroma create a special taste bouquet
� Ripens from the inside out
� Deep red colour inside and dark green seed gel are very attractive when sliced
� Excellent shelf life
� Original menus available, developed by top chefs

Recipes: 7

Kumato Caprese
Kumato Sorbet
Kumato Wonton Ravioli with Avocado Vinaigrette, Fresh Herbs and Sesame Oil
Magret of Duck with Kumato Confit, Parmentier Potatoes and a "Pedro Ximĕnez" Roux
Kumato Tartare with Wild Salmon Caviar
Wonton Cannelloni Stuffed with Kumato Confit, Served with Sautĕed Oyster Mushrooms and Parmesan Shavings
Chocolate Brownie with Kumato, Garlic Cracker and Curry Aroma