Rainier Cherry

Source: Washington, California

Handling Tips: 32° F.

General Information: The United States is the world's biggest producer, consumer, and exporter of cherries. Sweet cherries (Bing, Lamberts and Ranier varieties) are grown on the West Coast with Washington being the largest producer. California is next, followed by Oregon.

Rainier cherries are not related to Royal Anns (also known as Napoleons.) They are yellow to amber with a pink to red blush. They are more fragile than Bings or Lamberts and have a very sweet and mild flavor, juicy flesh, and a white heart.

Don't be put off if Rainer cherries have some skin discoloration in the form of scuffing or brown spots. That's often a sign of high sugar content.

Applications: Chocolate and cherries are an excellent combination, which is why chocolate-covered cherries have been around so long. Cherries are also great in pies, preserves and as sweet toppings for ice cream, waffles and pancakes.

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