Italian Eggplant

General Information: Eggplant is considered a fruit, but botanically it's actually a berry. Related to the potato and tomato, it's a member of the enigmatic nightshade family, and has a slightly bitter flavor, a glossy skin, and a soft, cream-colored, somewhat spongy texture.

Italian eggplant is a longer, thinner shaped vegetable than the large variety. It has a shiny, purple-black skin with delicate and tender flesh and a green cap. When purchasing, select Italian eggplant that are firm to the touch with no wrinkles.

Italian eggplant is sometimes referred to as "Baby" eggplant, because it is smaller than standard eggplant. This however is a misnomer as there are "Baby" eggplants which are more similar in shape to the standard eggplant and are generally much smaller than even the Italian eggplant.

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