Orange-Flesh Honeydew

Other names: Temptation Melon

General Information: The orange flesh honeydew is a smooth skin member of the muskmelon family. Growing increasingly popular, the orange-fleshed honeydew (also marketed as the Temptation Melon) is like a cantaloupe with the size and shape of a honeydew. The melons are large, round, and should be heavy for their size. They have an exceptionally smooth white skin and succulent orange flesh that is very similar to cantaloupe, with a bit more delicate honeydew-like flavor. The best way to tell when orange-flesh honeydew melons are perfectly ripe is to look at the skin. Ripe orange-flesh melons turn a pale orange shade when ripe.

Recipes: 1

Temptation Melon and Serrano Ham with Honey-Peppered Figs