Lemon Cucumber

Other names: (cucumis sativus)

Availability: Limited. August

Source: California

General Information: Lemon Cucumbers are an heirloom cucumber variety dating back to 1894. They are pale to bright yellow, shaped like lemons. When they are pale yellow they can be eaten skin on. As they mature and become a brighter shade of yellow and the skin must be peeled off.

This versatile cucumber is sweet and flavorful, and doesn't have much of the chemical that makes other cucumbers bitter and hard to digest. This sweet flavored variety is ideal to use in salads or relishes. Though it's often served raw, it's also a good pickling cucumber.

Lemon Cucumbers are a beautiful American Heirloom, becoming more and more appreciated even though they take longer to produce than other varieties. They have a very short season perhaps only a month.

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