Mutsu Apple

Other names: Crispin

General Information: Also known as Crispin. Mutsu has a moderately sweet flavour with juicy, firm and creamy white flesh. Originated in Japan and is a cross between Golden Delicious and Indo varieties. The size is larger than either parent.

This is a very large apple that matures late and stays in perfect shape in storage for months. The fruit is yellow-green which tends to draw comparisons to Golden Delicious or Granny Smith, but Mutsuís tender-crisp flesh and complex flavor make it a much more interesting apple that either of those more common varieties. Mutsu is best enjoyed as a dessert apple, but it makes tasty sauce and cider also.

The Mutsu's flavor and appearance is described by Joan Morgan and Alison Richards in The New Book of Apples as "sweet, honeyed, with crisp, juicy flesh" similar to its parent, the Gold Delicious, "but of a coarser texture." Its skin is yellow with a slight brownish flush, and the flesh is white to pale yellow. The Mutsu is an excellent dessert apple and is considered especially good in salads, but has a sweet, light flavor cooked, and it holds its shape well.

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