Paper Lantern Chile

Other names: Habanero Paper Lantern

General Information: The Paper Lantern is an elongated red habanero type chile with the renowned mouth-blistering heat. Fruits ripen from lime green to bright red, elongated pendant fruits.

As one of the grower’s assistants describes “It tastes like a tropical fruit at first, then the fires of hell are released into every crevasse in the mouth.”

Habaneros, or any chiles for that matter, have been touted for their healing properties for ages. In traditional folk medicine, chiles have been used to treat numerous disorders, from arthritis to asthma, to lethargy and the common cold.

If you’ve ever tasted the fire for yourself you might be wondering how a habanero chile could safely make its way onto the dinner table without burning a hole in it. The key is moderation. The slightest sliver will yield the characteristic fruity qualities of the chile without overpowering its surroundings. Overcooking the habanero will only decrease the delicate flavor. Try adding small amounts to salsas, or relishes, and habaneros pair nicely with fruit dishes, such as those containing local peaches.

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