Bloomsdale Spinach

Other names: Spinacia oleracea

General Information: The Spinach Bloomsdale, 'Spinacia oleracea', is an old favorite amongst gardeners. This classic Savoy-leafed spinach has an excellent buttery flavor. Of course, this is the perfect spinach for a salad, but it can be stir fried or sautèed. Eaten raw or cooked, Bloomsdale has a sweet non-bitter taste. The thick crinkled leaves with semi-upright growth are dark green with fine quality. Spinach is also very nutritious with lots of Vitamin A, C, and iron and is low in calories.

History: Bloomsdale spinach was originally released by D. Landreth & Company in the 19th century. "Bloomsdale" was the name of their farm in Bristol, Pennsylvania which they moved to in 1847.

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