Goldrush Apple

General Information: The fruit is characterized by a complex, rich spicy flavor with a high degree of acidity and sweetness. First disease resistent release (from Purdue) with world class eating quality and shelf life. Medium sized. Greenish-yellow coat with some russet. Semi-tart. Keeps as well as Fuji.

History: The original seedling was planted in May 1973 in the HE block on the Purdue Horticulture Research Farm, West Lafayette, Ind., where its position was row 4, tree 16 (HER4T 16) and had the designation PRI 27506 in our breeding records. The seedling is derived from a cross made in 1972 at Urbana, Ill., of 'Golden Delicious' as the seed parent with Co-op 17 (PRI 1689-110) as the pollen parent (Fig. 1). Resistance to scab is based on the Vf gene derived from Malus floribunda 821 (Crosby et al., 1992). The seedling was selected in Oct. 1980 by E.B. Williams, a long-time leader of the Purdue apple breeding program. It was released for advanced testing under the designation Co-op 38 (Crosby et al., 1993). It has been evaluated at Purdue Univ., Rutgers Univ., and by private growers and nurseries in California, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Washington, and in Bologna, Italy.

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