Romaine Hearts

General Information: Romaine Hearts already have outer leaves trimmed during harvest. This means higher yield, less waste per case and less prep work before using compared to traditionally packed product. Romaine, not surprisingly, gets its name from the Romans, who thought, and justly so, that was health-providing. The Emperor Augustus even credited the green for curing his disease and erected a statue to commemorate his cure. The Europeans call Romaine cos lettuce, since it originated on the island of Cos, in the Aegean.

Applications: The story goes that Mexican restaurateur Caesar Cardini, short on stores but long on an unexpected number of hungry customers from a nearby race track, took what he had on hand and made do. His necessity-mothered invention made the very most of a crate of Romaine, some day-old bread which became croutons, Parmesan cheese for grating, a barely-cooked egg, anchovies, Worcestershire sauce and garlic. Thus was a salad classic born.

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