Flowering Garlic Chive

General Information: Similar in appearance to chives, garlic chives have wider, flatter stems that are also hollow. Also known as Chinese chives, garlic chives (Allium tuberosum), can be used and stored in the same manner as chives. As you would expect, garlic chives have a delicate garlic flavor and are used extensively in oriental dishes. Their garlicky flavor enhances cooked dishes, particularly ones where the food is slowly simmered in a sauce, such as red-cooked stews or soups, or in a stuffing. Use them also to add flavor to stir-fries. They go particularly well with eggs and seafood - you'll often find them paired with scrambled eggs or prawns. The Chinese have been growing and cooking with garlic chives for at least 3,000 years (since the Chou dynasty - 1027 BC to 256 BC).) But the popularity of this graceful herb with the pretty white flowers extends beyond China. But don't feel you need to get out the wok to enjoy them. Garlic chives make a flavourful alternative to regular chives in non-Asian dishes.

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