Casaba Melon

General Information: The casaba melon belongs to the winter melon group, which also includes the honeydew type. They are closely related to netted melons which we commonly call cantaloupes (Cucumis melo var. reticulatus). All the melons within the melo species are known as muskmelons.

The casaba is a native of Asia Minor. Most commercial production of casabas is located in the southwestern United States, particularly California. In Florida it is grown occasionally in home gardens. The main drawback to production in this state is casaba's late maturity (120 days), which means it must ripen in our hot, wet months of early summer.

The flesh of casabas is usually thick, and either white, yellow, or orange. Although generally sweet- flavored, its flesh is not as sweet as a honeydew. Casabas do not have the musky odor and flavor of the cantaloupes.

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