Asian Style Cantaloupe

Other names: Sweet ‘n Crisp

Availability: June thru October

General Information: DULCINEA® Sweet ‘n Crisp is a non-GMO hybrid of the highly popular hami melon. The hami melon originated in China more than 1,700 years ago and was given as an esteemed gift in the imperial court. Currently grown in Yuma Arizona and California's San Joaquin Valley. The light orange-colored flesh of the Sweet 'n Crisp Asian-Style Cantaloupe resembles that of a traditional cantaloupe but is crisp and more delicately sweet.

Applications: Although netted like a traditional cantaloupe, the Sweet ‘n Crisp melon is easy to recognize because of its oval shape and rich, golden yellow exterior. But it’s the taste and crunch that make this melon one-of-a-kind. With the texture of a crisp, juicy apple and a uniquely sweet, refreshing and light melon taste, DULCINEA® Sweet ‘n Crisp Asian-Style Cantaloupe is perfect at mealtime or as a healthy snack or dessert. It’s a delicious complement to BBQ!

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