Tentation Apple

General Information: Tentation is a modern variety from France, derived from and very similar to Golden Delicious. This apple has a full aroma. The appearance is quite striking, being a light golden green apple with an attractive orange flush. Blushed apples are increasingly popular with supermarkets - in appearance Tentation is quite similar to Pink Lady, except it is flushed orange rather than pink. The Tentation has a particularly good flavour. This apple retains its firmness for a long time. Tentation's individual flavour comes from the high sweet but also high acid content in the apple - plus it is very juicy. It is an especially delicious eating apple, which is also ideal for juicing and baking apple pies. Tentation is available from mid October until the end of May.

History: Tentation was developed in 1990 by the famous Delbard nursery in France, and is a cross between Golden Delicious and Grifer. The flavour is supposedly very good, described by one supermarket as "strong and deep" but by the originators as "delicate". There is no doubt that it looks appealing, and interestingly the orange flush seems to be more prominent in examples coming from the southern hemisphere.

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