Daisy Mandarin

General Information: Daisy is a cross between Fortune and Fremont mandarins and is considered to be better than either of it's parents. Daisy was named officially by Dowlin Young of Young's Nursery in Thermal, California, after his wife. Daisy produces a medium-large, mid-season mandarin with an attractive dark orange rind. It peels and sections moderately well. The tree produces a heavy crop with the fruit held in large clusters, but has a strong tendency to be highly alternate bearing. Daisy is moderately seedy with one to three seeds per section.

Very good flavour with little rag and a sugar:acid ratio which has received favourable comments from preliminary taste testing. Acid levels do not decline significantly as the fruit ages on the tree. This helps to maintain flavour over a long period. Daisy juice is also highly palatable with a complex flavour.

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