Tatuma Squash

Other names: White Mexican Squash

General Information: An oblong-shaped vegetable with a tapered end, this squash is native to Latin America where it is often served in casseroles and other side dishes. Similar to zucchini in shape, size and texture. The tatuma squash has thin spotted light green skin with a slightly firm white flesh, is 6-8 inches in length and shaped similarly to the zucchini. It is light in flavor and tastes wonderful when added with other vegetables. The squash can be baked, fried, or sautéed to be served as a side dish seasoned with butter and herbs, or used as an ingredient in stews, casseroles, or stir-fried vegetables. When preparing in an oven, the squash can be cooked whole or cut lengthwise from stem to bottom and baked. Available year round, this squash is also known as white Mexican squash or tatume. Use tatuma squash in casseroles, stews, or fry with other vegetables.

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