Sangre del Toro Peach

Other names: Blood of the Bull Peach

General Information: This is a delicious, fully balanced peach grown from 15 year old stock. Originally known by another name, these peaches are a special Labor Day delivery every year from one of favorite farms in Little Rock, CA. The dark red skin is an indicator of what�s inside � vibrant yellow flesh shot through with flashes of red in a cling-free fruit. This stonefruit is an exceptional blend of tart and sweet with a complex aroma and hints of lemon and honeysuckle. The flavor will be a very sophisticated addition to a cheese or dessert course offering very delicate sugar.

Much like blood oranges, the coloring in these special peaches only appears when there are cold nights. Grown at a higher California altitude, these are some of the last peaches of the year and they are always worth the wait! Once the temperature drops, the fruit colors and presents itself as one of the final summer offerings. Available for a limited period of two weeks, try a case of this unique fruit.

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