Sweet Crabapple

Other names: Crimson Gold

Availability: November Thru January

General Information: The Sweet Crabapple also know as a Crimson Gold apple is a smaller variety of apple that is slightly larger than a crab apple, but much smaller than a traditional apple. The Crimson Gold Apple was developed as a cross between a Newton and Spitzenburg heirloom apple. It is a variety of apple that grows well in climates with warmer daytime temperatures with cooler evenings, to develop a higher sugar content. As it matures, this apple has a firm textured flesh that is crisp and sweet flavored. When selecting, choose apples with unblemished skins that are firm to the touch. Store in a plastic bag and keep in a refrigerator to retain as much moisture as possible.

History: Many of the sweetmeat crabapples are attributed to Albert Etter. As a fruit breeder, Albert Etter was fascinated by 'primitive' germplasm. He especially loved crabapples and saw in them a potential source of new qualities to introduce into more conventional types. His first important apple selection, Etter's Gold, was a full-sized fruit with a crabapple parent (Transcendent Crab). It is not insignificant that three other original Etter varieties (Wickson, Humboldt, Crimson Gold) are small apples that strongly reflect their crab heritage.

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