Black Knight Carrot

General Information: During early cultivation between 900 and 1000 A.D., carrots were available in two colors: purple or yellow; the French grew the orange carrot in the 1600s. Initially, carrots were used medicinally and the French and the Dutch are credited with the horticultural skills for developing a more efficient size and a less woody core.

The Black Knight carrot is a unique modern hybrid with a very dark root and a white or yellow central core. Unlike other purple vegetables, the magnificent color is actually enhanced by cooking and is maintained throughout roasting, blanching and steaming. This carrot is a good source of Anthocyanin and a wonderful vegetable for juicing to produce a surprising carrot beverage. This product will be available throughout the winter months in table-size. These delicious carrots are grown by a dedicated local California farmer who specializes in flavor, innovation and freshness.

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