Bull's Blood Beet

General Information: Bull's Blood Beets are an Heirloom Beet with a nice earthy sweet flavor. The leaves are a deep gorgeous red color, as is the beet itself; deep red with concentric circles - like a dark version of the candy-stripe (chioggia) beet. You know the tops as the well-marketed Bull's Blood Microgreens, now have the opportunity to enjoy the entire vegetable, grown to full size!

This globe-shaped beetroot was listed as a vegetable in England in the mid 1800s. It is probably the only decorative-leafed Victorian beetroot variety still being cultivated. Traditionally grown as an ornamental in gardens, but is delicious to eat. Its dark crimson leaves can appear almost black in some light, making a dramatic contrast to most other foliage. The leaves are broader than other beetroot varieties and have a particularly sweet taste when cooked. The medium-sized spherical roots are also dark red, with visible rings when cut. This lovely root is a favorite among beet connoisseurs because it provides a consistently rich and sweet flavor.

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