Spring Blossoms

Other names: Pussy Willow, Apple Blossoms

General Information: Some of the classic harbingers of spring are Apple Blossoms, Pussy Willow and Lilacs. We get all of these items from the Santa Monica Farmer�s Market and we are currently offering Apple Blossoms and Pussy Willows that have been hand-cut.

Apple Blossoms grow in hues of pink, white and red and the colors change throughout the spring as the varieties come into season. We purchase these branches with flower buds that are not yet entirely open to ensure their beautiful arrival. Apple Blossoms are the state flower of both Michigan and Arkansas because of their fragrance and beauty.

Pussy Willows arrive in wetlands just before the fiddleheads and ramps � California Pussy Willows have been available for almost a week and they truly are the precursor to the other spring-time edibles. The shoots are cut just as the buds expand in spring, and can last indefinitely once they are allowed to dry. The tall branches (4-5 feet!) can be put in vases as a room break or corner decoration or the tops of the stalks can be cut and used for table decoration.

Both of these beautiful reminders of spring make a wonderful dining room accent; use for catering functions, special events or just to bring a breath of fresh air to your store or restaurant. Enhance your menu offerings of ramps, fiddleheads and shad roe with visual floral exclamation points to celebrate longer days and springs arrival!

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