Mousseron Mushroom

Other names: Fairy Ring Mushroom

General Information: This petite little mushroom is available in Europe in the spring and again in the fall for a limited period. In North America, the Mousseron is available usually only in the spring, though this is extending into the summer in some locales. These are the mushrooms of legend as they grow in circles in the woods, called 'fairy circles'. As the mushroom colony matures, the circle expands outward into larger and larger concentric rings. Now, the mushrooms are found in forests, woods and even lawns, where they are perceived as a nuisance. This is a mushroom that thrives in damp and moderate climes

Possessing a little brown or tan cap, this mushroom also has a thin, edible but tough stem. Generally the cap grows no larger than one inch (2.5 cm) across the top. A full-bodied flavor that is surprisingly strong for it's size, beware if the mushroom starts to turn and get damp as the aroma can be overwhelming!

Availability begins when mushrooms are imported from Bulgaria and Europe; sourcing then switches to the US.

This mushroom is one of the best for reconstituting from dry if not available fresh. High yield and a full flavor make these little fungi a great addition to spring and early summer menus.

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