Hatch Chile

Source: New Mexico

General Information: The Hatch Valley is located in the middle of the Rio Grande agricultural area of New Mexico. "Hatch chilies" refer to the five or six primary varieties of New Mexico chilies that are grown in this region. The NuMex 6-4 Heritage, Barker, Big Jim, and R-Naky are all variety names that fall under the broad New Mexico "Hatch Chile" umbrella. They present similar flavor profiles and have a short growing period. They're planted in April and harvested in August and September.

The Hatch chilies types were created by combining three different chile varieties: Chile Negro, Chile Colorado (a red mature New Mexico Chile variety) and Chile Pasilla. It was the perfect consumer friendly chile, great for flavor, size, using as both green or red, fresh or canned. Today, roughly 50,000 acres of "Hatch" chiles, are cultivated annually throughout New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and California. Much like AOC designations in Europe, though, it can only be called a Hatch chile if it is grown in Hatch Valley, New Mexico – otherwise, it is called a New Mexico Green chile.

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