Heirloom Melon

General Information: Grown in the Lucerne Valley, these melons are fantastic and sweet and reminiscent of the fruit we longed for each summer. Juicy, succulent and aromatic – each melon has a different flavor profile, but all are delicious and true examples of summer-time bounty. We can make sure that you get a mixed case if you can’t decide on the flavor! Treat yourself and your customers by ordering truly flavorful heirloom melons.

The best melons for maintaining their flavor during shipping are the Cavaillon and the Butterscotch as they will continue to develop full sugar off the vine.


The Arava is a type of Galia melon. It has a yellow netted skin with a lime green flesh. It originally hails from Israel, where its name means "of the desert". When ripe, the skin should be deep yellow and gives off a sweet aroma.

These small melons have a pale green skin and a two-toned green and orange flesh. Many think the flesh tastes like butterscotch candy because it is so sweet, When ripe, it has a sugary aroma but will remain pale in color.


These personal-sized melons are very fragrant with a high sugar content. They are an heirloom melon originally from Cavaillon, France, where they hold festivals to honor this delicious melon.

When ripe, the skin will turn a cream color and the stem will crack and pull off easily.


The Ogen originally hails from Israel, often called Ha-Ogen there. It has yellow and green stripes on its very thin, delicate rind and has a creamy, pale green flesh. When ripe, it will give off a sweet, tropical aroma and have a slight give when pressed.

A type of Persian melon, the Sugar Queen is oblong-shaped with a netted skin. Very sweet and juicy, orange fleshed. When ripe, skin will have a rust-colored blush to it (yellow color means it may be overripe).


A variety of cantaloupe known for its "super" sweet flavor. When ripe, it will turn cream-colored and give off a sweet aroma but will remain firm.

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