Green Apricot

General Information: There are several different tales about the origin of apricots, but one thing is certain: the cultivated apricot came to Europe through Armenia, making Armenia the country where the apricot was domesticated.

The word "apricot" has a long history. The Romans gave the apricot the name of Armenian apple or Armenian plum. This moniker has survived botanically : Prunus armeniaca or Armeniaca vulgaris. The apricot is called “tsiran” in Armenian.

The green apricot is an unripe fruit – harvested early in the season, before there is any color on the skin, these fruit look similar to the green (or young) almond but the flavor is very different, green apricots are more bitter than the lemony-citrus nuance of the green almond. For many individuals who grew up in Middle Eastern cultures, the green apricot is a ritual of spring. Bitter in flavor and the first of the spring stonefruit, these fuzzy drupes are a harbinger of spring. In Persian culture, Green plums are another spring drupe that’s celebrated and it’s suggested that green apricots are substituted in this classic Persian pickle recipe.

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