General Information: Gherkins are traditionally pickling cucumbers and come in all shapes and sizes. Some varieties are very familiar: baby dills and French cornichons; others are more nostalgic like the Kirby cucumber.

Most Gherkins are petite cucumbers about 2 inches long - sometimes allowed to grow up to 4 inches in length. American pickling cucumbers have knobby warts or spines and skin colors that ranges from white to deep, dark green. Pickling cucumbers are characterized by a mild flavor, a solid crunch, evenly distributed juiciness and a lingering sweetness with little bitter after taste.

West Indian Gherkins - grow from one to three inches with prominent spines and are filled with tiny seeds. (10 lbs.) White Gherkins - grow from one to three inches and are pale green to white in color with a bumpy, warty skin and fine internal seeds. (5 lbs.) Watermelon Gherkins - are the tiniest of cucumbers and grow up to one inch. They have a watermelon like outer skin and a mild, pale interior. (1/2 pints)

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