Microgreens Rainbow Mix - Organic

General Information: Frequently called vegetable confetti, microgreens are young, tender greens that are used to enhance the color, texture, or flavor of salads, or to garnish a wide variety of main dishes. Harvested at the first true leaf stage and sold with the stem, cotyledons (seed leaves), and first true leaves attached, they are among a variety of novel salad greens available on the market that are typically distinguished categorically by their size and age. People are paying more attention to what goes into the foods that go into them - especially in health-conscious California - and with the new scrutiny of ingredients has come a renewed interest in organics.

Kurt Rasmussen of Vacaville was way ahead of the curve when he founded Yah-Whooo technologies, an organic farm that produces herbs and edible flowers, back in 1986. But it was a chance collaboration that put Rasmussen on the trail of microgreens before anyone truly knew what to make of the plants.

The plants used for microgreens - including broccoli, chard, certain cabbages, kale, beets and so on - are harvested as the second set of leaves begin to sprout. A plant will grow two sets of leaves; the cotyledon leaves or false leaves, and true leaves.

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