Purple Brussels Sprout Leaves

General Information: The tops from the Brussels sprout plant have become a culinary option for innovative chefs; these provide sweet and tender leaves with a mild cabbage-like flavor. Harvested in late winter and early spring, these leaves offer an additional flavor for winter menus. This is the uppermost portion of the Brussels plant and if harvested early enough, the flavor is of a sweet kale, if left on the plant they will bolt, seed and then wither in the sun, becoming inedible. These leaves can be used as a cabbage substitute in any recipe and can be left raw to maintain the purple color. Thinly chiffonaded, these leaves will add color and flavor to a winter salad without the bitterness associated with most other winter greens. If left in the leaf form, cooking time is slightly longer than spinach and less than collard greens. Members of the Brassicaceae family, these leaves are related to mustards, broccoli, cabbages and other cruciferous plants.

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