Forelle Pear (South America)

General Information: Forelle Pears sourced from South and Central America are a standard import during the early spring months. A larger pear than the American harvest, their symmetrical and often bell-shaped body, begins with a round base that tapers evenly to a short neck. Their stem is usually long and narrow. Forelle pears have a classically sweet flavor and a beautiful appearance.

The name Forelle translates to "trout" in the German language. It is believed that the variety earned this name because of the similarity between the ripe pear's brilliant red lenticles and the colors of a Rainbow trout. These are exceptional amenity fruit for guest areas and waiting rooms. A bowl full of ripening Forelles provides a beautiful and edible centerpiece. Forelle pears sourced from South America are generally 2-3 times larger than the variety produced in the United States, but their flavor, coloration and durability remains the same. Now imported with regularity, this is a good pear for spring use.

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