Other names: rocket, rocket salad, roquette, garden rocket

Availability: All year.

Source: Mexico and the United States

Handling Tips: 45° F. Keep dry and covered.

General Information: Arugula is a type of leaf vegetable, and although often mistaken for a sort of lettuce, is in fact an herb, being a member of the mustard family. Arugula is a wonderful herb enjoyed raw in salads. It has a very distinct peppery and rhubarb flavor. It works well in warm salads too.

Applications: Arugula is especially used in salads, but also cooked as a vegetable with pasta or dry meat. In Italy, its use for pizzas is also common; in this case it is added only after baking. It is sometimes used as an ingredient in pesto, either in addition to basil or as a (non-traditional) substitute. It is rich in vitamin C and iron.

Recipes: 1

Arugula and Pine Nut Fettucine